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Chaminade College Prep., West Hills, CA, shares its MFEP video.

Updated: Aug 8

April Risteff, Ministry Lead at Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills, CA, shares with us the school's MFEP video.

Featured in the video are the faculty and staff of Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills, CA: Rob Webb, President; Bro. Adam Becerra, FSP, Vice President for Mission and Strategic Initiatives; Mike Valentine, Middle School Principal; Luis Guerra, High School Principal; Fr. Mike Chiuri, SM, Chaplain; April Risteff, Ministry Lead; and Kate Beskid, Ministry Lead.

Here is the video script:

As part of the global and collaborative nature of the Marianist Family, I am proud to announce that Chaminade College Preparatory Middle and High School is partnering with the Marianists on the Marianist Encounters Project.

Our students and educators are inspired to respond boldly and creatively to the urgent call of protecting our environment. It begins with us. We each play a role in doing our part to protect our environment.

The inspiration for the Marianist Family’s Encounters Project comes from the writings of Pope Francis, especially his encyclicals Fratelli Tutti and Laudato Si’ which speaks to how we can be better stewards of God’s creation.

Pope Francis proposed seven areas of focus for the Church and the entire human family, responding boldly and creatively to the urgent cries of the poor and of the entire earth.

The Holy Father’s teachings gave birth to two international movements in the Church – the Global Compact on Education and the Laudato Si’ Action Platform – through which we are called to partner with all persons of good will and work towards common objectives.

As one Chaminade family, we will utilize our awesome gifts and talents by turning to our Characteristics of Marianist Education: formation in faith, adaptation and change, integral, quality education, family spirit, and service, justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. We believe that these Characteristics shape and form our understanding to respond to our call of being good stewards of God’s creation, and come together in family spirit to adapt and change.

As Chaminade College Preparatory’s Ministry Leads on this project, we will serve as local coordinators and resource persons for all of you.

We encourage you to connect with us as we discern the seven response areas and then act on our goals, initiatives, and projects to create a more sustainable environment that will carry our community into the future.

Number one: Respond to the Cry of the Earth. Conserving water, energy and promoting a greener campus.

Number two: Respond to the Cry of the Poor - through Apostolic Works and individual acts of service.

Number three: Foster Ecological Economics - By deepening our commitment to protecting and beautifying our campus environment, which reminds us of God’s sacred and loving presence.

Number four: Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle - by switching to reusable water bottles, recycling and eliminating plastic.

Number five: Offer Ecological Education - by educating our community about the environment and offering specific courses and clubs that focus on ecology.

Number six: Develop Ecological Spirituality - be one with nature; by demonstrating an integration of faith and environment.

Number seven: Support Local Communities - by utilizing our gifts and responding to the needs of others through service drives and activities that focus on human and environmental flourishing.

Everyone’s voice and actions are crucial. None of us has to do everything, but all of us must do something.

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