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Colegio San José school, PR - beach cleaning and school garden initiatives

Edilmari Longo Vega, Ministry Lead at Colegio San José, PR, sends us this update.

Colegio San José has undertaken several initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint within our school community and beyond:

Every Thursday, the Ecology Club works in our school garden along with Ms. Mildred Padilla. As part of their duties, they trim and water the plants and plant seeds. While they are doing the assigned tasks, Ms. Padilla explains how to observe plants to identify their needs.

On September 18, 2023, a group of teachers, students, and their families volunteered for the International Coast Cleaning Day at Piñones Beach. We collected 47 pounds of trash, including recyclable materials that were stored apart for recycling.

Watch a video created by a student of Colegio San José . It shows pictures of the school's Recycling and Ecology Club students who participated in the Annual International Coast Cleaning Event sponsored by Scuba Dogs. Also, it shows the amazing work that our Ecology Club does in our school garden.

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Dear Edilmari and students of San Jose, thanks very much for your video and for your very concrete steps to help Mother Earth. I hope others follow your example!!!


Steven O'Neil
Steven O'Neil
10 de nov. de 2023

Thanks for this video. Good Work! 🌎

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