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Exemplary new initiatives at Colegio San José, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Guillermo Nunez, Ministry Lead at Colegio San José, San Juan, Puerto Rico, sends us this update.

CSJ Seniors 2023 and SFM Charities 5K

SFM Charities is a non-profit organization that aims to provide nourishment and wellness to marginalized and underserved communities in Puerto Rico. Our Senior Class of 2023 had the opportunity to work at the race oasis and participate in the 5K race. We are proud of their support for this initiative and commend them for their social commitment to the community of Río Piedras.

Colegio San José (CSJ) is an integral part of the Río Piedras community. We are committed to supporting our local communities and collaborating with community leaders on meaningful projects that provide new opportunities for the children of Río Piedras. We look forward to sharing more experiences with our community soon.


Awareness Campaign about the Care of Our Common Home

Colegio San José has always believed in an integral ecology that supports the efforts of a sustainable educational project. Through audiovisual campaigns and the collaboration of different clubs and organizations, the school promotes awareness about the care of creation and our school as a meeting place. This video aims to expose the efforts and activities conducted by the Recycling and Ecology Club together with EcoEscuela to support the care of the environment from our school context.

It is important to educate students about the impact of human activities on the environment and the importance of taking steps to minimize that impact. By promoting sustainable practices, we can work towards creating a more environmentally-friendly world and school. As a teacher, it is heartening to see the students of Colegio San José taking a proactive role in this regard. I hope other institutions and organizations join us in promoting sustainable practices and share their efforts with us.


Workshop titled, "[Re]Conectando, [Re]Imaginando, [Re]Construyendo"

At the beginning of our school year, we invited the entire teaching community to participate in the "[Re]Conectando, [Re]Imaginando, [Re]Construyendo" workshop as part of our commitment to the Marianist Family Encounters Project.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To highlight the most relevant aspects of the encyclicals that inspire the Marianist Family Encounters Project (MFEP).

  • To discuss the key elements of the Global Compact on Education for developing a humanism of solidarity based on our reality and educational identity.

  • To encourage active participation of the Marianist community of Colegio San José in the MFEP.

  • To inspire teachers and all CSJ staff to propose ideas for drafting our public commitment to the MFEP.

The workshop was productive, serving not only to achieve the objectives but also to encourage personal reflection. The public commitment will soon be shared using the ideas suggested in this workshop.

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Thomas Spring
Thomas Spring
Mar 17, 2023

Good going all you guys!! It is so good to read of so much effort on behalf of Mother Earth!!

Aloha, Tom Spring, SM


Dear Guillermo and students, you have many wonderful projects and initiatives going! Congratulations and many thanks for leading the way, showing us how to care for the planet and care for the people who are most vulnerable!


Steven O'Neil
Steven O'Neil
Mar 16, 2023

Congratulations! Very good report. Thanks

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