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Guardian Angels & the Environment Club: Team Up to Clean Up!

James Bendele, Ministry Lead and Guardian Angel Moderator at Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, TX, sends us this update.

On February 17, the Guardian Angels and the Environment Club teamed up for the annual Basura Bash. We spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up plastics at OP Schnabel Park and the Leon Creek Greenway. We had a blast spending time outdoors with the deer and the snakes!

Then, one week later, the Guardian Angels were back at it again, spending a Saturday at the Saddle Light Center in Selma. The Saddle Light Center uses horses as therapy for children with various disabilities ranging from Down’s to Muscular Dystrophy and others. We spent our time there cleaning out stables. It was awesome being able to spend time with the horses, too!   

Kai Claiborne (class of 2027) with Kai the Horse!

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Thomas Spring
Thomas Spring
Feb 29

It was good of you to recognize the deer and the snakes and improve their habitat!! Mother Earth is grateful too!! Aloha, Tom Spring


Dear James and Guardian Angels students, great job! Keep making Mother Earth the way God intended her to be! I'm grateful to all of you!

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