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Composting @ The Novitiate Community, Dayton

Chicago Joe Schuller sends us this update.

One way we live out Laudato Si in our community is by composting our food scraps. We use these metal containers (pictured below) that help reduce the smell of the scraps left there for longer than a day.

We place our kitchen scraps in there, and our good brothers @Guillermo Pena Contreras or @Dennis Bautista have the good fortune of braving the Dayton winter weather daily to place our scraps down the hill in our two large compost bins.

If you are anything of a gardener like our very own @Bro. Tom Wendorf, you can use your compost to add to the garden in the springtime as you plant new flowers, amend the ground, or mix it into your soil mixes for house plants.

There might even be some local programs that will do all the composting for you. All you have to do is give them your kitchen scraps.

Find out more from the EPA about composting at home by clicking here.

Does your community compost? If so, what do y'all like to use it for?

A tip by Fr. Jim Fitz, SM:

For those who may not find it practical to have a compost pile in the backyard, Compost Dayton is a good option.

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