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Rob Brodrick_edited.jpg

Rob Brodrick

Liaison for

Marianist Lay Communities

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Jarrod Kinkley

Liaison for

Marianist Lay Communities

Hazel Franco, website pic_edited_edited.jpg

Hazel Franco

Site Administrator,

Liaison for

Marianist Schools

erica duarte_edited.png

Erica Duarte

Liaison for

Marianist Schools

steve o'neil_edited.jpg

Bro. Steve O’Neil, SM

Liaison for

Marianist Parishes and Marianist Brothers

Savio Franco, Ph_edited.jpg

Savio Franco, Ph.D.

Liaison for

Marianist Universities


Bro. Jesse O’Neill, SM

Liaison for

Marianist Schools and Marianist Brothers


Sr. Leanne Jablonski, FMI

Liaison for

Marianist Sisters and Marianist Social Justice Collaborative


Tara Poling

Liaison for

Marianist Retreat Centers

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