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Villa Angela-St. Joseph, Cleveland, OH, introduces Marianist Encounters to its community

Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School, Cleveland, OH, introduced the Marianist Encounters Project to their school community on September 21, 2022 as they celebrated a Mass for Peace with Bishop Malesic. An excerpt from the Mass introduction is shared by Brianna Wilson, Director of Campus Ministry, and Ministry Lead for the Marianist Encounter Project below:

Our theme for this school year is "Be a Blessing to All Nations," and actively working for peace is one way we can be that blessing. Today is World Peace Day, declared by the United Nations and celebrated annually. Today is also notable for our VASJ community because it signifies the start of a unique project everyone in our school will be part of this year, and hopefully for a long time.

As a Marianist-sponsored school, the Marianists have asked us to commit to the "Encounter Project." If you've heard the phrase, "small things can make a big difference," that applies here. Every Marianist institution and group will partake in this project, and the mission is simple. All of us are called to care for creation and to care for our community. Our world is in need. With pollution, littering, unjust access to clean water, deforestation, food waste, and more, our earth needs to be cared for, and we are the ones who need to do something about it. None of us has to do everything, but all of us have to do something! And as Pope Paul VI said, "If you want peace, work for justice."

VASJ's participation in the Marianist Family's Encounter Project is one way we will be committing to work for justice so that we may live in peace with our world and all our brothers and sisters. As we pray today, I ask you to consider how you might be called to care for creation and community.

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