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Called to Be Peacemakers - Virtual Retreat - October 7, 2023.

The first goal of the Marianist Family Encounters Project - MFEP is to Promote Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation. In view of this, we present:

Called to Be Peacemakers Virtual Retreat - Bergamo, MSJC, & Pax Christi

Saturday, October 7, 2023, 10 am - 2.00 pm ET / 9 am CT/ 8 am MT/ 7 am PT (Registration link below)

Called to be Peacemakers: A Virtual Retreat inspired by Pope John XXIII and Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Pacem in Terris. This year is the 60th anniversary of the seminal Catholic social tradition encyclical promulgated by Pope John XXIII, Pacem in Terris [Peace on Earth], as well as the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Catholic Bishops peace pastoral, The Challenge of Peace.

Bergamo’s unique mission, grounded in the Marianist charism, in the spirit of ecumenism, and informed by the life and work of John XXIII, has several natural connection points to celebrate this anniversary year. The John XXIII statue in the Bergamo courtyard is a physical representation of one connection, as it was commissioned to reflect Pacem in Terris and bears the inscription: “There can be no peace in the world unless each [person] is at peace in [their]own heart.” --John XXIII.

  • What does it mean to be a peacemaker?

  • How am I called to embody peace?

  • How do communities pursue justice?

We invite you to these reflection questions and more during this virtual retreat experience.

Join internationally acclaimed artist Bro. Mickey McGrath, OSFS; Pax Christi USA National Chair Charlene Howard; and Marianist Sr. Emily Sandoval, FMI, as they each share images or examples of building peace in the world.

Additional prayer leaders and facilitators include Dr. Neomi De Anda, Executive Director of the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton, Michelle Sherman of Pax Christi USA, and Tiffany Hunsinger of the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative.

There will be off-camera time for quiet reflection, small group sharing, and a break for lunch.

The cost for this virtual retreat is $10. After registering, you will receive the Zoom link and materials for this retreat the week before the event.

Scholarships are available - please email for scholarship information.

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