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St. Mary's South Side Celebrates the Eclipse with an Encounters Day of Learning and Action

Curt Sidorski, Ministry Lead of MFEP at St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School, St. Louis, MO, sends us this update.

On the day of the solar eclipse, St. Mary’s South Side Catholic High School took the opportunity to remind ourselves and our community that we are part of a shared global community, and we have been called to take stewardship of God’s creation and responsibility for the poor. We had slightly shortened classes, each focused on some aspect of MFEP.

Every class and department designed a lesson integrating the values and goals of Encounters. Science classes studied the causes and impact of climate change and other significant environmental issues. Religion classes examined our call to care for creation, engaging in direct service by cleaning up litter around our campus and reflecting personally on this call to action. Social studies classes explored the impact of environmental degradation on the people of our planet, particularly those who are already poor or marginalized. Art classes created posters and signs to educate our community about best practices for recycling and other environmentally friendly choices.

Then, in the afternoon, everyone came together as a family to marvel at the beauty of God’s creation and enjoy the fellowship of our St. Mary’s family with snow cones!"

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