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Archbishop Moeller High School, Cincinnati, OH, embraces the Encounters Project

Bro. Jesse O'Neill, SM, Assistant for Education and MFEP co-chair shares this update with us.

I had the honor of facilitating a retreat on March 13, 2023, for Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati. The day was designed to kick off the implementation of the Marianist Family Encounters Project (MFEP). We were blessed to have Bro. Max Magnan, SM from the General Council share his inspiring words on what the project calls us to from the global Marianist perspective.

I was deeply moved by the initiatives already happening at the school that are truly an expression of the MFEP. The challenge presented to the faculty and staff was to take what they are already doing and reimagine it so as to bring new life and creativity to each effort going forward.

The image of the mustard seed embodies the purpose and mission of the MFEP. Below you will see the prayer card that was given to each person, where they named their goal in response to this most urgent need of our time. It was a truly blessed day.

Bro. Max Magnan, SM, shares his vision with faculty and staff on Laudato Si’ and the Global Compact on Education through our Marianist lens

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