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Good, fast, cheap . . . but pretty at St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX.

Bro. A. Brian Zampier, SM, Social Media Archivist at the Marianist Archives in San Antonio, TX sends us this update.

Bueno, Bonito y Barato

Another way of saying, Good, Fast, Cheap ... but Pretty

This pilot project is examining the potential for reshaping the landscape at St. Mary's University using native plant species that have evolved to thrive in our specific eco-region.

We have planted three test garden communities:

  • Community A: 100% native plants

  • Community B: 100% non-native plants

  • Community C: 50% native/50% non-native

We are monitoring properties such as plant growth, animal diversity, water consumption, soil nutrients, and aesthetic qualities. Come by throughout the year and watch our garden grow!

This student research is possible through the support of St. Mary's Summer Undergraduate

Research Fellowship (SURF) program.

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