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Marianist Parish, St. Francis De Sales, Cincinnati, OH, celebrates Earth Day.

Bro. Bob Dzubinski, SM, from the Marianist Community at St. Francis de Sales Parish sends us this update.

St. Francis de Sales parish of Cincinnati celebrated Earth Day Weekend with a call to a greater recycling effort and join the "Green Team". Spearheading the event were Deanna Spatz, Susan Vogt, and John Bange.

Excerpts from the parish website:

St. Francis de Sales Parish is a Marianist Parish in Cincinnati, OH. The Marianist Spirit Committee of the parish ensures that the charism of the Society of Mary is seen in deed as well as in word.


In imitation of Jesus, St. Francis de Sales Parish actively seeks opportunities to reach out to the people of our city to promote peace, justice, & the integrity of creation.


The following Marianists reside at St. Francis DeSales and serve in various ministries in the Cincinnati area:

(from left to right) Fr. Michael Nartker, SM, Bro. Paul Hoffman, SM, Bro. Bob Dzubinski, SM, Bro. Bill Grundish, SM, Bro. Robert Politi, SM, Bro. (Dr.) Bob Donovan, SM, Bro. Ed Longbottom, SM (not pictured)

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