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The Biblical Garden at the Marianist Formation Center in Greisinghof, Austria

Read about the Biblical Garden at the Marianist Formation Center in Greisinghof, Austria, which is a garden based on biblical reference points, plants from the Holy Land, and spiritual places in the bible.

Over the past several years, a new attraction has sprung up on the grounds of the Marianist formation center in Austria: The Greisinghof Biblical Garden.

The garden is so named because it contains many biblical reference points: various plants from the Holy Land, symbolic biblical numbers, and spiritual places as encountered in the Bible. Water, air, earth, plants, fruits, fragrances: the "footprints of God in creation" are hidden everywhere. The whole space is charged with meaning, inviting meditation that offers inner healing.

The basic idea is to walk through the garden and its paths from a biblical perspective and experience its healing effect on the body and soul. With its diversity of species, the garden aims to help people find a living, "natural" access to the Bible. It invites people to linger, meditate on God's Word and praise Him! At the "Cistern," for example, Psalm 30 can be read and experienced more intensely. The "Place of Promise" breathes new life into biblical hopes and dreams.

The fundamental raison d'être of this garden is to be able to offer today's man, often tossed about and agitated, a place of spiritual peace, a "meeting place" that helps him to find his own center, and to give thanks: "God did wonders for me! His name is Holy". The incarnation of the God-made flesh is very dear to us, Marianists. The Greisinghof Biblical Garden attempts to serve this fundamental biblical ideal.

Watch the video below with images from the Biblical Garden in Greisinghof, Austria

[Source: Marianist Magnificat Newsletter, October 2023]

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