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Celebrating Earth's Gifts at the Marianist Family Retreat Center, Cape May Point, New Jersey

Updated: May 20, 2023

The following update comes to us from Fr. Dave McGuigan, SM, Director of the Marianist Community at Cape May Point, New Jersey:

I am sharing some photos and videos of the garden that Bros. Stan Zubek, SM and Esteban Reyes Duran, SM have developed on the property of the Marianist Family Retreat Center.

We consider this a contribution to Marianist Family's Encounter Project (MFEP) in our local situation, celebrating the earth's gifts for our needs and local sustainability. What we have been able to grow, we have used in the community, given to the retreat center dining service, or given to participants in various retreats.

We envision a possibility of moving forward to share with retreat participants, especially youth and children, what it means to work with and on the earth and how various plants grow.

Below, in order of appearance: Bro. Stan Zubek, SM, Bro. Esteban Reyes Duran, SM, and Anthony Fucci (Center Director, Marianist Family Retreat Center)

Watch videos of Bro. Stan Zubek, SM, harvesting a watermelon, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers:

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