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Cupertino Marianist community, CA, makes a commitment to the Marianist Encounters Project

Bro. Jack Somerville, SM, Director of the Cupertino Community in California sends us this update about the community's commitment statement.

At a recent Community Council meeting, our council approved the involvement of our community (Cupertino Marianist Community in California) in the Marianist Family Encounters Project.

We, therefore, make the following Commitment Statement:

In response to Pope Francis' proposals and in the spirit of our Marianist charism, the Marianist Community of Cupertino commits to being an active part of the Marianist Family Encounters Project. By joining the Marianist Family Encounters Project, we have appointed Bro. Tom Spring to be in contact with the Marianist Encounters Team and engage in mutual dialogue about ways to best advance the Marianist Encounter Goals. In our name, Bro. Tom will submit an annual report in words, images, and/or video of our plans, process, and accomplishments. He will also be responsible for sharing periodic information on the Marianist Encounters website:

Some of our accomplishments so far have been:

  • Installation of drip irrigation in all of our landscaping mulch beds.

  • Replacement of one very inefficient HVAC system, installing three much more efficient and properly sized systems for our chapel, community room, and chapel vestibule.

  • Conversion of nearly all indoor and outdoor lighting from fluorescent to LED. (We still have 27 very large indoor fluorescent pendant fixtures to convert. That project is pending upon completion of the chapel lighting upgrade project.)

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Dear Jack, thanks for your community's commitment to help save the planet.

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