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Mission of Mary Co-op Director receives an award at Montgomery County Food Summit, OH.

Read about the Director of Mission of Mary, Mike Schulz, receiving the Food Champion, "Education" award at the Montgomery County Food Summit.

The Montgomery County Commissioners awarded the Mission of Mary's executive director, Mike Schulz, the Food Champion 'Education' Award at the 13th annual Montgomery County Food Summit. This honor was bestowed upon Schulz for his 16 years of service and labor of love at Mission of Mary Cooperative. Schulz says, "I see this award as a team award for the Mission of Mary family for the amazing board, team, partners, donors, and countless volunteers who have generously given and continue to show up every day and year to humbly serve."

Mission of Mary would also like to congratulate one of their past interns, long-time volunteers, and supporters, Emily Callen. Callen also won a food champion award with her amazing servant leadership where she now works at Dayton Children's Hospital for her food access efforts.

Click the link to read more: Food Champion Education Award.

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