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Reading and Learning about Blessed Father Chaminade

Laura Koonce, Ministry Lead and Vice President of Mission & HR at Saint Louis School, Honolulu, HI, shares this update related to the third goal of MFEP: to listen and educate in faith.

During quarter two, the school's Religion teacher, Mrs. Shigeta, prepared an integral lesson on Father Chaminade. The ninth-grade students read the book Running Giant by Louis Reile, SM. The high school students learned about Father Chaminade, his tremendous faith in God, and how he loved Mary. They also learned how and why he founded the Society of Mary and how important he is to our school.

Each group of ninth graders planned a lesson to teach their elementary brothers. They prepared the content and provided the activity for them to complete. It is with great hope that the young gentlemen of Kalaepōhaku will not only recognize who Father Chaminade is but also know what he did to make disciples of others and bring people closer to God.

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I like the older student taking an interest in a younger student and sharing their knowledge.


Thomas Spring
Thomas Spring
Jan 30

Good job, Laura!! Mahalo!! Aloha e pule! Bro. Tom S.


Sound like a great project. I would surely enjoy seeing some of the presentations if they could somehow be published in some way.

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