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St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School MFEP service day

Curt Sidorski, Ministry Lead at St. Mary's South Side Catholic High School, St. Louis, MO, sends us this update.

On November 3rd, 2023, the entire St. Mary's South Side community participated in a day of service. This year, we made a conscious effort to center our labors in service of the goals of MFEP. Our faculty, staff, and students went to our south city neighborhood to remove litter. Others help locals in our community by washing windows and raking leaves. A group assisted with a local area food panty stocking and organizing shelves. Some volunteer for the St. Joseph Housing Initiative, a group housed in our school building that works to refinish derelict and nuisance properties to create accessible housing opportunities in our community. A venturous group got wet and dirty removing harmful waste and pollution from the Mississippi River, hauling several truckloads of refuse. Other of our young men ventured out into areas of schools to work with students, assist them with various projects, and create a wide educational community. Still, other students stayed on campus and upcycled plastic bags into mats for the unhoused. The day was a tremendous success and allowed our whole community to lend a hand in very real, local, and pragmatic.

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Thomas Spring
Thomas Spring
20 nov. 2023

Wow, St. Mary's!!! What a great effort to be of care to so many including Mother Earth!! Good going!! Aloha, Tom Spring, SM

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