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Togo Marianist Communities

Read about the promotion of women and agricultural development works undertaken by the Marianist Sisters for local communities in Togo.

We can aspire to a world that provides land, housing, and work for all. (Fratelli Tutti, 127)

by Sr. Clotilde Fernández del Pozo, FMI

In Togo, the Marianist Sisters of the community of Tchébébé work on the promotion of women and agricultural development. During the visit of the General Administration of the Congregation, we had the opportunity to accompany Sr. Sabine Pinida, FMI, and to meet two of the groups she accompanies in the villages of Agombio and Affosala.

November 14, 2023. Affosala neighbors gather next to the cotton field they cultivate as a cooperative. It is a very special day. Sister Sabine hands over the key to the well that has just been built with Italian financial support. Living with what is necessary is a source of great joy. Everyone's faces reflect what Fratelli Tutti describes: Persons who nourish goodness in their hearts find that such goodness leads to a peaceful conscience and to profound joy, even in the midst of difficulties (FT, 243). Water is life. This well will provide this population with clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

A few kilometers further along the same road, we find the farmers of Agombio, where the Marianist sisters accompany the "Prenarou" group. Their aim is to pool their strengths: physical, to help each other with fieldwork, and intellectual, to combine ideas through human values, moral, civic, and religious values. It is time to harvest soybeans. The aim is to improve production by joining forces and helping women to become economically independent through training in a wide range of skills.

God continues to sow abundant seeds of goodness in our human family (FT, 54).

Watch a video of the works undertaken by the Marianist Sisters in Togo.

[Source: Marianist Magnificat Newsletter, February, 2024]

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Thomas Spring
Thomas Spring
Jul 08

What a wonderful gift to the women of Togo!! Thank you, our Marianist Sisters!! I am so proud of you!!

Aloha, Bro. Tom Spring

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