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An Exemplary Video Communication from Chaminade College Preparatory, St. Louis, MO.

Mark Laury, Ministry Lead of the Marianist Family Encounters Project - MFEP at Chaminade College Preparatory, St. Louis, MO, shares this video with us.

Chaminade College Prep, St. Louis, MO, is proud to announce its involvement in the Marianist Encounter’s Project, a multi-year journey headed by the Marianist Province of the United States to respond to Pope Francis’ calls to action in his encyclicals, Fratelli Tutti (2020) and Laudato Si’ (2015). These teachings have given birth to two international movements in the Church – the Global Compact on Education and the Laudato Si’ Action Platform – through which we are called to partner with all persons of goodwill and work towards common objectives.

Chaminade College Prep, and the entire Marianist Family, are particularly well-suited to respond to this call as our Marianist Charism excels at adaptation and change, working together in family spirit to provide an integral, quality education that emphasizes formation in faith and prioritizes service towards justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. The culture already instilled within us gives us a head start in working towards the emphases in the Global Compact on Education by contributing to the seven response areas of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

None of us have to do everything, but all of us are invited to do something. I invite all of you to join us on this multi-year journey and visit the Marianist Family’s Encounter Project at This website will serve as the common platform on which the entire Marianist Family in the United States will communicate and collaborate. Here you will be able to interact with other Marianist laypersons across the country, as well as Marianist religious sisters and brothers from across our Marianist schools, universities, retreat centers, parishes, and other institutions.

We are hopeful that the entire community will rise with us and respond to Pope Francis’ call in this significant endeavor in the life of the Church, Chaminade, and the Marianist Family.

Watch Chaminade College Preparatory, St. Louis, MO, Marianist Family Encounters Project -MFEP video (5 minutes) below:

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2 commentaires

Thomas Spring
Thomas Spring
25 mai 2023

Wow!! Good job, you folks!! Great to see some women in leadership roles!!

Aloha, Tom Spring, SM


Dear Chaminade Family, Great message! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!

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