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University of Dayton's impact report 2022 -2023

Read University of Dayton's impact report 2022 - 2023. The highlights achieved by UD promote the goals of the Global Compact on Education in the Marianist Family Encounters Project.

As a community, the University of Dayton:

  • Set a single-year fundraising record of $67.4 million in total giving.

  • Provided $9.3 million for donor-funded scholarships for our students.

  • Welcomed 2,959 first-time donors.

  • Cheered on 944 active volunteers and 393 new volunteers!

  • Reached $1.1 billion. That’s the value of our long-term investment pool (which includes the endowment).

  • Established 23 new donor-funded endowed scholarships.

Read the UD impact report 2022 - 2023 below.

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